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Applying for leave

If you have a leave or travel request, the School leave procedures below can assist in your application.

  1. General leave requests
  2. Conference leave
  3. Consultants leave requests
  4. Consultants travel applications

General leave requests

When applying for annual, compassionate or sick leave all staff are required to submit leave requests via the online Employee Self Service (ESS) system.  

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Conference leave

  • All staff attending interstate and international conferences for University business, it is a requirement by UWA to complete a Travel Approval Form.  
  • The Travel Approval Form will also serve as the required School leave request.
  • Completed forms are to be submitted to the Head of School for approval. When approved the applicant is required to keep a copy for insurance purposes, the original will be kept by the School.

Conference leave requests cannot be submitted via the ESS system.

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Consultants leave requests

  • In addition to the leave request, King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) consultants (Hospital or University employed) are required to complete the Department of Health ‘Leave form medical’ for annual, sick, study, conference and long service leave.
  • Hard copies of these forms can be obtained from the School Administrative offices.
  • Hand completed forms to the Administrative Officer who will forward these to the O&G Clinical Unit within KEMH for approval. A copy of this leave form will be kept in the Consultant Leave file.

Approved leave applications are sent to the central, Health Corporate Network Human Resources and to Medical Admin PMH / KEMH. Medical Administration are responsible for circulating leave notification to all KEMH Clinics.

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Consultants travel applications

  • A staff member who is employed by the hospital (or using hospital funding) and takes special leave/conference leave must complete a Travel Approval Form
  • Please see the Administrative Officer with details of your travel and conference dates, who will then complete the application form and submit this to Executive Services.
  • The following levels of authorisation will be required:
    • Overseas conference: Minster for Health
    • Interstate conference: Executive Director Women and Newborn Services, KEMH
    • Conference within Western Australia: Director, Obstetrics / Gynaecology
  • A Department of Health approved Leave Form must be attached to each Travel Application. When all appropriate travel endorsements are received, applicants will be notified via e-mail that their travel application has been accepted.

For further information on travel approval applications, contact the Executive Services Secretary on (+61 8) 9340 1404.

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