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Purchasing supplies

Process for purchasing supplies.

  1. General laboratory
  2. Individual research project grants

General laboratory

The following process is to be used when placing orders for the UWA / WIRF Lab:

  1. Complete purchase order:
    1. Please put on the order the contact name of the person completing the order in case any enquiries are made by the company
    2. Please put the order detail in order book
  2. Give to Shaofu Li for signing and approval
  3. Put faxed purchase order in pigeon-hole marked “Invoices” in Jeannette’s office. Remember to stamp the P/O ‘faxed’ and enter the date.
  4. When receiving the deliveries, please check who ordered the goods and give the delivery document to that person.
  5. Invoices will be paid and filed in the appropriate grant folder.
  6. Maz Schneider is the authorized signatory if Shaofu Li is absent.

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Individual research project grants

  1. Prior to placing any order(s) for items which are to be paid from individual staff members’ research project grants, please obtain the written approval of the Project Grant Manager.
  2. If the Project Grant Manager is unavailable at the time you need to place the order, please consult with Maz Schneider.

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