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Further information on postgraduate study is available at the Graduate Research School.

Specifically, you may require information on:

The School provides their postgraduate research students with the necessary resources to complete their studies.

  1. Project support
  2. Computers and IT facilities
  3. Travel

Project support

  • It is essential that candidates discuss both general infrastructure support and project-specific support with their proposed supervisor(s) prior to the commencement of candidature.
  • Project-specific financial support should be provided by the supervisor(s) unless it can be demonstrated that such support is not available.  In such cases, an application for project-specific financial support must be submitted to the Head of School for consideration.

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Computers and IT facilities

The School provides students with:

  • allocation of shared office space which will comprise a desk, chair and access to a filing cabinet
  • access to office stationery 
  • email address and account
  • access to internet facilities 
  • access to a laser printer 
  • access to fax and telephone facilities 
  • facilities to send and receive mail 
  • access to photocopying facilities
  • access to computing facilities

You should note that personal laptops cannot be connected to the University network.

In addition PhD students will be provided with:

  • One laptop computer for the duration of their enrolment.  Where a candidate completes in three years (or equivalent part-time), the laptop may be retained by the student. Where possib;e, purchase of additional software should be discussed with the supervisor(s) before the start of candidature.

The School IT policy governs the use of these facilities.

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PhD students

  • PhD students are expected to explore all other funding opportunities before applying to the School.  Any decision on funding by the School will be made in consultation with the PhD supervisors and costs will be shared wherever possible. 
  • Where an application for travel funding is made to the School, it will be on the basis that the applicant is presenting their research at a conference or other approved academic activity.

Masters by research students

  • Masters by Research students are expected to  explore funding opportunities for travel with their supervisor(s). 
  • Where a candidate is enrolled in more than one School, all costs associated with candidature will be apportioned on a pro-rata basis.

The Graduate Research School offers support for one travel grant to each candidate; the support available depends on whether the travel is national or international. 

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